• driving through the Prosecco hills
• visiting locations of the First World War
• seeing the most beautiful mountains in the world
• discovering art and culture of the Veneto region
• tasting dishes from Veneto and other regional specialities….

Six days and seven nights…

from Lake Garda to the wonderful Dolomites.

A wine&food tour designed to discover Veneto on a New&OldTimer

Luxury hotels and restaurants where uncompromising quality blends with local traditions along well-known and hardly- known roads, charming traffic-free itineraries


Garda Lake, Prosecco, Dolomites

Lago di Garda, Prosecco e Dolomiti

Six nights…five days…from Lake Garda to the stunning Dolomites.
A wine&food tour specially designed to discover Veneto on a New&OldTimer

Lake Garda and the Island of Albarella

Lago di Garda e Isola di Albarella

From the romantic and poignant atmosphere of Lake Garda, which inspired poets and artists, we will reach the salty taste of the Mediterranean sea.
Three days travel and two days stay at the stunning Island of Albarella